DESTRUCTION - Trapped in lunatic MC BOX - BOX

DESTRUCTION - Trapped in lunatic MC BOX - BOX
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Art.Nr.: 311907
Label: Darkness Shall Rise
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Official 9-tape box with the complete work from 1984-1990 from this teutonic Thrash Metal legend. Housed in a heavy luxurious matte black casewrapped box with silver hot foil stamped printing. This piece of German Thrash Metal history is strictly limited to 1000 handnumbered copies and includes:Tape 1: Bestial Invasion of Hell Tape 2: Sentence of Death Tape 3: Infernal Overkill Tape 4: Eternal DevastationTape 5: Mad Butcher Tape 6: Release from Agony Tape 7: Live Ruins (Dynamo '87) Tape 8: Live Without Sense Tape 9: Cracked Brain Next to the 9 tapes, the box includes: - massive hardcover-book (with many unseen pictures and tons of new liner notes and interviews (exclusive long interviews with Schmier, Mike, Tommy and Oli were specially conducted for this box) - metal-pin - 2 regular patches - shaped backpatch - flag - 4 double sided posters - handnumbered certificate.


Format:BOX, MC

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