MOONBLOOD - Lunar chronicles occult - BOX

MOONBLOOD - Lunar chronicles occult - BOX
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Label: Darkness Shall Rise
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Official 12-tape box featuring any official demos, studio and rehearsal recordings of the German undergound band MOONBLOOD. Housed in a heavy case-wrapped box with hot foil stamp printing. Strictly limited to 666 handnumbered copies. Tape 1: Moonblood Tape 2: Nosferatu Tape 3: Rehearsal for demo 3 '95 Tape 4: The Winter Falls Over the Land Tape 5: Siegfried Tape 6: Advance studio trax 16+17/9/'95 Tape 7: Blut & Krieg Tape 8: Sob a lue do bode Tape 9: …Of Lunar Passion and Sombre Blood Tape 10: The Unholy + Studio trax 22/9/'96 Tape 11: Taste our German Steel! Tape 12: Dusk Woerot / In addition to the 12 tapes the box includes: - exclusive jewel-case CD containing a remix of …Of Lunar Passion and Sombre Blood (only available with this box) - massive hardcover book - flag - two patches - two posters - handnumbered certificate.


Format:BOX, MC

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